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Vaccination against TB was first used by physicians for the first time 130 years ago. What has changed during this time? A lot of things!

If earlier the body cope with the vaccine, this vaccine is now for a weakened organism, and especially children, is not nothing but a deliberate infection. With that body and if the right, but only by the final destruction of their immune system. What subsequently lead to irreparable consequences and incurable diseases.

This also applies to all other privivok.Ekologiya became worse many times, the immune system in humans repeatedly declined due to not proper diet entirely composed of chemicals, preservatives, colors and flavors. Seriously undermine the immune system and the craze for tablets. Human Health 130 years ago, and even now there is nothing to compare. It is getting worse and worse with each generation.

Monthly child weighing 5 kg, received the same dose of vaccine, and a five-year, weighing 18 kg. Infants with immature, still not developed immune system, get 5 times the dose (relative to body weight) than older children.
International studies show that vaccines are one of the causes of SIDS – sudden infant death syndrome.

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